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03 Feb 2017 - 03 Feb 2019

9 Dragons Ultra

The 9 Dragons Ultra is a brand new and challenging, multi-day trail and ultra running event taking place in February, in Hong Kong.The first race, starting at midnight on Saturday, consists of an 82km (50 mile) trail run with a lofty 4000m of elevation gain. Sunday features an entirely different 50km course with a further 3200m of elevation gain.200 places will be available to runners who hope to aim to complete both events over the weekend - The 9 Dragons 50/50 - and a further 200 will compete in either the 50 Miler (82km) or 50km race, a total of 600 competitors.
07 May 2017

İstanbul Çekmeköy ULTRA Marathon

İstanbul Çekmeköy ULTRA Marathon has become a success! Join İstanbul Çekmeköy ULTRA Marathon to be part of a senic and wonderful experience. İstanbul Çekmeköy ULTRA Marathon is a 1 point qualifier for the UTMB race.
22 October 2017

Tour de Huangnichuan

Designated areas will be set-up for runners to deposit their personal belongings at the start of the race. However, the organizers advise against leaving any valuables in the storage area, and would not be responsible for the loss of any items from the storage area. Collection of bags will end at 6.45am prior to the race, and runners can pick up their items from the designated areas after the race. Kindly pick up your items before 1900 hours, as any items left unattended will be passed on to the organizers.
18 Feb 2018 - 09 Feb 2019

La Ultra - Garhwal Runs

Garhwal Runs serves as a qualifying run for ultra runners who are interested in taking part in 111 km category at La Ultra – The High, but do not meet the primary qualifying criteria. Those looking at qualifying for La Ultra – The High need to cover the 76 Km distance in 11 hrs. The overall event cut-off is 12 hrs.
29 Apr 2018 - 07 Apr 2019


OOTYULTRA is an Ultramarathon organized KaysFIT Academy, founded by Kannan Sundararajan, a.k.a Coach Kay, also the Race Director. The first edition was conducted on the 29-Apr-2018 with few international and 280 runners across 10 states in India. Coach Kay is a back to back Comrades Marathon (in South Africa) finisher and regularly coaches runners preparing for their Comrades Marathon. Interestingly, a 60k long run in OOTY for the KaysFIT Academy Comrades runners had become the OOTYULTRA. OOTYULTRA encourages the Comrades Marathon runners or others training for tough mountain runs, to make OOTYULTRA as a perfect long training run. The 60k course with ~2000 meters elevation offers the best of its challenges in a high altitude road course.2019 will be the second edition of OOTYULTRAOOTYULTRA is a perfect way to connect with the local tradition, history, natural beauty, culture and the people of Ooty and the Blue Mountains. Running in such a beautiful mountain will also provide an unique opportunity for the runners to experience the gift of nature.OOTYULTRA is a tough ROAD running event, with steep up/down gradients, for the regular amateur runners to the serious recreational Ultramarathon lovers. The race will have three distance categories, i.e 15k, 30k & 60k. The Ultramarathon will be run through the important streets of Ooty, key Ooty landmarks, green wooded forests and innocent village roads. As you run, you will quickly escape into the mountains reaching the second highest peak in south India and also view breathtaking sceneries.The race is timed perfectly for the ultramarathon runners (coincides with their longest training run) training for the Comrades Marathon in South Africa. Some of the Comrades runners running the OOTYULTRA are featured in the INSPIRATION page.OOTYULTRA attracts many runners from across India to The Nilgiris district and also be platform local participants to be part of an Ultramarathon event happening in their town.OOTYULTRA?Why should you run the Safety of the runners are given at most priority (only experienced runners allowed to enter the 30k & 60k under strict qualification guidelines, first-aid & CPR trained volunteers, medical team support with AED kitDedicated volunteers, passionate organizing team & sponsoring partners to provide a “WOW” experience to runnersOpportunity to be titled the #ULTRAmalaivasi (the Ultra Mountain dweller, Malaivasi is in Tamil)Make it a perfect summer family vacation in OOTYSouvenir T-Shirt & unique custom medalMost exciting pre-race day events90+% non-repeating tough road run through blissful blue mountain runningProvides opportunity for a variety of runners including the experienced recreational runners (60k), intermediate runners (30k) and beginners (15k)Visit South India’s highest peak 2637 m, all by runningvisit www.ootyultra.com for more informationRead the FAQ & T&C sections before registeringwww.ootyultra.com/faqswww.ootyultra.com/tandc
06 May 2018

Lidingöloppet Ultra Marathon

More and more runners find out how fun it is to run really far, ultra-far. Are you already one of them? Lidingöloppet Ultra Marathon 50K provides a real challenge, no matter what type of runner you are. The course consists largely of the well-known Lidingö Race track in beautiful woodland, but also help you discover new areas of Lidingö.Lidingö is an island in the inner Stockholm archipelago, northeast of Stockholm, Sweden. Lidingö's qualities have attracted affluent residents such as Björn Ulvaeus and Agnetha Fältskog of ABBA. The seascape at Lidingö shares similarities with that of Seattle, USA and Sydney, Australia, with clear blue skies and waterways. The landscape consists of large forests and open farm land. The race also acts as a seed round for Lidingöloppet, which may give you a great start group! Lidingöloppet Ultramarathon 50 km is a perfect start of the season for any ultra marathoner. The organizers have chosen to impose a model that favors participants who register early. This means that the price will gradually increase the closer to the race date.
12 May 2018 - 10 May 2019

Euchidios Athlos

The transfer of the Delphic flame at Plataea 2500 years ago, by the soldier runner swift-footed Euchidas, constitutes a referance point and starter 22 years now for hundrends of runners who had run this historical route.The historical battle of Plataea ,the most decisive victory of the Hellenic army against the Persians, and the feat of Euchidas after the battle constitute the reason for every athlete to run this historical route.The awe and the emotion of athletes when they're facing from above earth's center is great and even larger is the joy when at the finishing pont the athletes rewarded with laurel crown and the unique symbol-prize of the race, the torch of Euchidas.All these are milestones for each athlete especially when he makes his first 'steps" on long diastance races.The race, for the 107,5 klm distance starts from the archaeological site of Plataea next to the battlefield of the most decisive victory of Greeks and challenges each athlete to repeat himself the feat of Euchidas. Athletes start the race by crossing the plain of Plataea with the battlefield on their right; they run at the dirt road besides the canal of Mornos for 5 klm to reach the historical Lefktro. They continue for Ellopia, Xironomi, Domvrena and ancient Thisvi, from where it begins the ascent of the mountain of the Muses of Helicon. Athletes pass through 2 beautiful villages, Sent Anna and Kuriaki. Then they descent and encounter Steiri and the historical Distomo, to begin to go up again to the slopes of Mountain Parnassus up to the picturesque Arachova. From there they descent to Delphi, the Earth's center! The imposing landscape and breeze of the space is unique in the world.
16 June 2018


”Jättelångt” is Swedish for ”very far”. And it’s also the name of a race held on a mid June Saturday every year since 2009, that will take you from the little fishing village of Grisslehamn some 100 km north of Stockholm to the pittoresque town of Norrtälje. The distance is around 70 km, and you run on the Roslagsleden trail. You will run on paths and scramble over rocks by the coast as well as on smaller country roads. You will run along the open sea, in forests, over fields and in the open early summer landscape. It’s all very Swedish! The trail is marked with permanent orange dots on trees and fence posts, so you should be able to find your way… but a few years ago we introduced a ”get lost” warranty – so keep your eyes open! There are a number of stops for food and drink, but we advise you to bring some water and snacks, and also your mobile phone – just in case! Public transport from Stockholm is excellent, we offer a bus service to the start, and your luggage will be transported from the start to the finish line. Speaking of the finish – there will be a party! You’ll get food and drink, you can chat about the race with old and new friends, and you can cheer on your co-runners as they finish.If you feel that very far is too far, there is also a relay. Five runners share the distance between them. The legs are approximately 10 km, 15 km, 21 km, 7 km and 15 km.And of course there is a Jättekort – very short – for the kids! Jättekort is run in Norrtälje on the same day as the other two races.And last… yes, Jättelångt is a race. We register times and we award prizes. But more than anything, Jättelångt is an experience. It’s exploring a part of Sweden in the most beautiful time of the year. It’s comraderie between the runners. It’s local food and drink. It’s celebration. It’s… Jättelångt!