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15 Nov 2019

100 km Pharaonic Race

The race will be 100 Km long with both individual ultra and2-5 person relay categories. Each team consists of 5 members will be running insuccession (relay). The coach can change runners BUT each runner has to run 10Km each. Each solo runner and teams will have their own car for supplies (food,drinks..etc.). There will be inspecting points every 10 Km, where the teams canchange their runners. The idea was first initiated when in 1977 the Egyptian Egyptologist,  AhmedMoussa, who while digging discovered a piece of rock telling the story of Paranoiac soldiers running a race of 100 km.This race took place inn 690-665 B.C, during the region of King Taharaka, when the King went to inspect an army camp and found the soldiers in perfect physical fitness. It was then that he laid down the rules for the running race.The race was and still is held in the area between Sakkara Fayoum Oasis and Sakkara Pyramid, passing by Hawara Pyramid at fayoum, Kefren Pyramid, Elleshet Pyramid, Dahshour Pyramid, Memphis, and ending at Sakkara Pyramid.For more information visit our website: http://egyptianmarathon.net/
16 Nov 2019

San Francisco 50 Miler

To get the shirt size you want, please register by 5/12/19. 50 Km (before 2/18) - $85 / (after 2/18) - $90 50 mile (before 2/18) - $105 / (after 2/18) - $120 Pre-registration closes at 5 p.m. Thursday, May 16th Race-day Entry (if not sold out) - Add $10 Read our Cancellation Policy.
23 Nov 2019

JFK 50 Mile

Although open to the public, the JFK 50 Mile is in spirit a military race. The JFK 50 Mile was first held in the spring of 1963. In 1963, the initial inspiration behind the event came from then President John F. Kennedy challenging his military officers to meet the requirements that Teddy Roosevelt had set for his own military officers at the dawn of the 20th Century. That Roosevelt requirement was for all military officers to be able to cover 50 miles on foot in 20 hours to maintain their commissions. When word got out about the “Kennedy Challenge”, non-commissioned military personnel also wanted to take the test themselves as did certain robust members of the civilian population.
30 Nov 2019

Endurancelife Dorset Marathon

Given World Heritage status in 2001, The Jurassic Coast Path through Dorset is quite simply unique. This is the only location on the planet where in a few short hours of trail running you will travel through a few million years of earth time - all with the ocean as a glorious backdrop. Oh yes, and those years are represented in hills.. The Dorset Marathon follows a rugged, but scenic and diverse path along the Dorset coast. Known as the Jurassic coast the area officially boasts more geological variety than any other place on Earth. The epic hills and cliffs are characteristic of this stage of the Coastal Trail Series and incorporate the highest point of the British south coast. The Dorset Coastal Marathon is on of 10 marathons organised by Endurancelife. To preserve the coastal paths application to the race is restricted to only 600 runners. Applicants should apply early to avoid disappointment. Come and join this tough trail runner's paradise.
18 Jan 2020

2020 Frozen Otter Ultra

The Ice Age Trail is a National Scenic Trail stretching 1,200 miles (1,900 km) in the state of Wisconsin in the United States. The trail roughly follows the location of the terminal moraine from the last Ice Age. As the route traverses the moraine, it sometimes meanders into areas west of the moraine, including the Driftless Area in southwestern Wisconsin. The trail passes through 30 of Wisconsin's 72 counties, from the northwestern part of the state to the Lake Michigan shoreline in the east. The western end of the trail is at Interstate State Park along the St. Croix River, which is the border between northwestern Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota. The eastern terminus of the Ice Age Trail lies at Potawatomi State Park, along Wisconsin's Door Peninsula off of Sturgeon Bay.Along its route, the trail crosses numerous local parks, state parks and forests, state wildlife and natural areas, and the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. The trail often coincides with other trails within various county and municipal parks. It passes through the land of various owners, including the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the Ice Age Trail Alliance, and hundreds of private citizens.The Frozen Otter is a 64 mile ultra trail marathon that takes place in Dundee, Wi on the 3 weekend of January. Why the third weekend? Because that is historically the coldest weekend of the year in Wi. The race is made up of 8 segments, and the competitors have 24 hours to complete the distance. The racers are self supported, meaning that they can receive no help or assistance while competing. The only resupplying that can take place occurs at the half way point (32 miles). Participants traverse 64 miles of Wisconsin's hilly terrain left in the wake of the great Wisconsin Glacier. Racers may only register as a solo racer, although participants are encouraged to race with others, and must carry a variety of gear to ensure their safety during the event. Racers have 24 hours to conquer the distance. Those that do are then part of the elite Frozen Few.
25 - 26 Jan 2020

The 8th Marmot Dark Mountains Marathon

Marmot Dark Mountains™ takes the classic two-day mountain marathon format and gives it a dark twist. Rather than two days of running with an overnight camp in between, we pack everything into one winter’s night! This challenging event takes place on the last weekend of January each year (25-26th January in 2020) and, like most regular mountain marathons, is a pairs event. The Event is based on a mountain marathon format with Elite, A, B, C, Long, Medium, and Short Score courses. Starting on the Saturday evening, the longest courses set off first for dusk-to-dawn racing. The shorter courses set off later in the evening with the aim of most competitors finishing within an hour or so of each other the following Sunday morning. This makes for an exciting finale as all the competitors converge on the finish as dawn breaks. Courses remain open until 1100 on the Sunday so there is sufficient time for everyone to complete their course and share in the success. There will be a hearty breakfast and hot drinks for everyone as they finish. Competitors may also sleep at the event centre (which we recommend) before travelling home.
02 May 2020

Hachie 50

The event will benefit the Waxahachie Lion's Club, which supports local children and schools in Ellis County.
29 Aug 2020

Baker Trail UltraChallenge

The sixteenth annual Baker Trail UltraChallenge will take place on Saturday August 29, 2020. The UltraChallenge is a 50-mile ultramarathon on the Baker Trail.