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30 Sep 2018 - 06 Oct 2019

Solang SkyUltra

Since India has an easy access to the Himalayas, The Hell Race brings a new sport for the Indian running community. If you are bored of running regular city runs without a view, Solang SkyUltra is for you.It will be a run in the mountains above ~2000m altitude. The climbing difficulty does not exceed second-degree grade & incline is over 30%. 360° view of the Himalayas with crazy climbs and terrains to run on.A wild story of human endeavor and sheer willpower.
06 Oct 2018 - 05 Oct 2019

Ultra Madeira

The concept of ULTRA MADEIRA is simple... Cross the Island, quickly unifying both ends west and east, with mandatory passage at the mountain massifs, a challenge for anyone how love the sport.The start of the race will be at the most western point of Madeira, at Ponta do Pargo Lighthouse (290m) - Local heritage site - His light will guide the athletes to the long way up until the Forest Park of Fonte do Bispo (10,3km) where the first checkpoint is located, at the beggining of the Paul da Serra plateau.Then runners will follow in alternate ground between roads, singletracks and dirt roads, along the plateau. The next checkpoint its on the other end of the plateau, at the Bica da Cana shelter house (28km). From here runners get down towards Encumeada, in the middle of a luxurious laurel forest (Unesco Heritage) along the PR17, part of the Nature 2000 Network. At the Rocha do Passinho runners will find 900 downhill steps, a trademark of this path!After Encumeada checkpoint (37,3km), we get inside the real mountain massif, along side with the PR1.3, towards the highest peak of the island, Pico Ruivo (1861m). With good weather runners will find magnificentlandscapes for both north and south of the island, specially to the Nun's Valley and Serra D'Água in the south, and the São Vicente valley to the north side. Along this trail its possible to look at caves dug by hand, used in thepast for protection in case of bad weather (in the past this trail was used on a daily basis to connect the north to the south (São Vicente to Funchal).After the Pico Ruivo checkpoint (47,41km), we follow along the PR1 towards the 3rd highest peak of Madeira, Pico do Areeiro (1818m), one of the most challenge trail in the island and one of the most used by thevisitors, with the mix of grounds that we find, from tunnels, "via ferrata" steps, rock steps, viewpoints, floating trails, endless climbs... well, a coecktail of views and emotions that runners will keep in their minds forever!After getting to Pico Areeiro checkpoint (51,8km), we get to the eastern mountain massif, mostly downhill part, passing by the "Poço da Neve", where in the past ice was keeped, and then carried by mens to Funchal, to use in the hospital and hotels, the crossing the Casa do Areeiro shelter, Chão da lagoa, and then the next checkpoint, Poiso (58,6km)We took again the way down, with views to the north of Madeira (Porto da Cruz and Santana) and quickly get to the next checkpoint, Portela (67,4km), before getting some beautiful dirt roads and singletracks towards to Casa das Funduras shelter (73km), the second to last checkpoint, where its possible to birdwatch along the magic forest surrounding at the Funduras forest.Taking, again, another downhill section that will take us to the Levada do Caniçal (water channel for irrigation), with breathtaking views to Machico valley. The last checkpoint is located at the entrance to Pico do Facho (80,8km), before the final descent to the fisherman's village of Caniçal, along a singletrail that goes along old agriculture fields, with the blue of the atlantic Ocean on our right side, and in front, the Ponta de São Lourenço,the Eastern point of Madeira Island. At the end of the descent, a old hand-made stone bridge indicates that you are almost at the finish line. A final run at the promenade, by the sea, and runners will find the Whale Museum (85,1km), and the journey is done! Its important to leave just footsteps behind you!
05 Oct 2019

Ultra X Jordan

250 km across 5 stages.Ultra X Jordan (previously the Wadi Rum Ultra) takes participants through the land of Lawrence of Arabia. The mystical course takes competitors through historic sites, into dramatic Wadis and over magnificent sand dunes.Wadi Rum’s nickname is ‘the valley of the moon’ and you will see why.Its landscape, characterized by unique towering rock formations will truly blow you away, as will the challenge. As locations go, this place is unrivaled in its beauty.
06 Oct 2019

Twin Cities Marathon

The Twin Cities Marathon (TCM) is an annual marathon in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area. The race is often dubbed "The Most Beautiful Urban Marathon in America." The TCM was first run in 1982, and typically takes place during the first weekend in October. In 2006 the race agreed to its first corporate sponsorship, with Medtronic, Inc. The official name of the marathon changed in 2006 to Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon (MTCM).In addition to the marathon, the MTCM has expanded to a full weekend of events providing opportunities for runners and wheelers of all ages and abilities. Events for adults include the Medtronic TC 10 Mile Run and the State Capitol 5 km Fun Run/Walk. Events for children include Kids’ One-Mile & Half-Mile Fun Runs, Toddler Trot and Diaper Dash. In addition, the MTCM sponsors a competitive 1-mile road race, typically held the last weekend of April.In 2006 the Twin Cities Marathon was ranked as the third most competitive marathon for American runners by Running Times magazine.
12 Oct 2019

Des Plaines River Trail Races

Half-Marathon, Marathon and 50 Mile Ultra Marathon along the beautiful and fast Des Plaines River Trail in Lake County, Illinois. This is a truly special running course. The DPR Trail is a wide, crushed gravel track, free of roots and rocks, and very flat. All of the major road crossings are managed by way of bridges or viaducts (with only 4 minor road crossings along the whole 50 Mile course, 2 on the Marathon course, and none for the Half-Marathon course). This is a great track through alternating lush forests and open wetlands. With cool temperatures expected, and given the flat terrain and ideal running surface, you'll find these to be extremely fast courses. Marathon is a Boston Qualifier! Come out and join us for a great run! www.desplainesrivertrailraces.com
12 Oct 2019

Le Grizz Ultramarathon

Since 1982, the Le Grizz 50-mile Ultramarathon has commenced every autumn on the second Saturday of October. For the past 33 years, upwards of 100 runners have stood half awake on the frozen ground near Spotted Bear Ranger Station alongside the Hungry Horse Reservoir, waiting anxiously for a ceremonial shotgun blast to signify the start of one of the oldest 50-mile footraces in the world.
12 Oct 2019

Bromont Ultra

The Bromont Ultra is a great way to enjoy what Canada has to offer! The race features a 55k, 80k and 160k.A 80 km night-time start, cold and potential rain will add an additional challenge to this two consecutive marathon race. Your mental resolve will be tested!Unlike many other races the Bromont Ultra is organized 100% by volunteers. Since its founding in 2014, the Bromont Ultra has quickly become the rendezvous of choice for people and businesses who want to excel at all levels but especially in their social involvement.
12 Oct 2019

Valley Harvest Marathon

Welcome to the annual Valley Harvest Marathon that will be held in the month of October in Wolfville, NS Canada. This event gets better every year. The organizers are doing a fantastic job and really know how to please the runners. The shirt and medal are very nice and if you are fortunate enough to place in an age group, the prizes will be great. The course is quite scenic with farmland and Minas Basin views. There will a few short up hills, but there some nice gradual downhill sections as well. There will be plenty of aid stations and the course will be very well marshalled. There won't be a lot of spectators on the course, partly due to good traffic control to minimize cars on the route. The crowd support is fantastic when you finish on the track at the Acadia University Stadium. A grandstand full of spectators and a professional announcer make for a memorable finishing experience.