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17 Jun - 26 Jul 2019

Glenbard West Girls Cross Country Camp

DescriptionInternet Registration has not begun yet. Check Registration Dates in details.Age CategoryYouth and TeenLocationGBW - Outdoor Track at Glenbard West High SchoolInstructorPeter MastandreaPaul Hass
09 Aug 2019

Fat Dog 120

The Fat Dog 120 is a difficult point to point trail race with elevation gain (8672.7 metres) just less than Everest (8848 metres). It crosses three stunning provincial parks and one recreational area in British Columbia, BC: Cathedral Provincial Park, Cascades recreational area, E.C. Manning Provincial Park and Skagit Valley Provincial Park. Scenic, technical and non-technical trails with one river crossing.
17 Aug 2019

Mudnificent 7 - Team Zoë's

We're coming back on Saturday 17th August 2019 to bring you the most fun event of the summer. The Mudnificent 7 is a unique event and summer festival. You’ll get to experience an amazing course designed by 7 different event companies. The course is split into 7 zones, with each one giving you a taster of a different theme.
24 Aug 2019

Blacklight Slide - Denver - Dick's Sporting Goods Park

01 Sep 2019

Run Rotto Bidi

We're showcasing all the trails that Rotto has to offer. Whether you're new to trail running, or always up for a new event, this is the one for you! Three courses all starting and finishing at Kingstown Barracks, providing many stunning views along the coastal trails. 5km, 14km and Half Marathon will be on offer. And for this event, we're also holding a kids trail run experience too! They'll get a fully marked 1.8km course so make it a family outing! All courses are loops that contain unique trail. All courses will be well flagged, with tape approximately every 300 metres. It will be marshalled at a few key intersections. We always do our best to keep you on course, but it is your responsibility to listen attentively at your race briefing and keep aware of the flagging and other signage whilst on course.
01 Sep 2019

Run the Rotto Bidi

Event Date: 01-Sep-2019 Event Start Time: Rego closes Tuesday prior to the event, unless filled up sooner. Kingstown Rego Opens: 8.00 am Half Marathon Race Brief 9.00am Half Marathon Start 9.10am (if catching 7:30am ferry on the day, head straight to Kingstown, and you'll have time to rego) Rego Opens: 8.00 am 14km Race Brief: 9.20am 14km Start: 9.30am (if catching 7:30am ferry on the day, head straight to Kingstown, and you'll have time to rego) Kids race: 9.40am (if catching 7:30am ferry on the day, head straight to Kingstown, and you'll have time to rego) 5km Rego Opens 10:00am 5km Race Brief 10.50am 5km Start 11am 12pm Presentations (ferry home at 2.30pm and 4.30pm) Event Location: Rottnest Island Directions to Event: Run the Rotto Bidi As the name suggests, we're heading to Rottnest Island! The best way to get there is by Ferry....we're trail runners after all. Start / Finish Location: We're down at Kingstown Barracks for the start of the event! It's about 1.5km from the main Jetty. This is where rego is too.
06 Sep 2019

Lost Soul Ultra Marathon

The Lost Soul Ultra Marathon will take place the weekend following Labour Day in Lethbridge, Alberta.The trail course runs through the river valley coulees on public and private land. In this event, 300 ultra-marathoners race against each other, the elements, and the unrelenting hills. Less than 150 years ago, these valleys were the site of the last major First Nations battle on Canadian soil between the Blackfoot and Cree Confederacies.The race organizers continue to keep the race small to maintain memorable running experiences.
06 Sep 2019

Wasatch Front 100

The Wasatch Front 100 is one of the most uniquely challenging ultrarunning events in the world. It is a study in contrasts: peaks and valleys; trail and scree; heat and cold; wet and dry; summer and winter; day and night; Desolation Lake and Point Supreme; "I can't" and "I will!" Dickens had the Wasatch in mind when he wrote, "It was the best of times; it was the worst of times." The primitive and isolated nature of the course is both its beauty and its challenge, for it requires the individual runner to rely primarily on himself or herself rather than the Race's support systems. Wasatch is not just distance and speed; it is adversity, adaptation and perseverance. The Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run is held in Utah the first Friday and Saturday after Labor Day each year. The run stretches from East Mountain Wilderness Park, Utah to Soldier Hollow, Utah and covers some of the most beautiful scenery the Wasatch Mountains have to offer. The slogan of the Wasatch Run is "One Hundred Miles of Heaven and Hell."