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28 October 2013

Accra International Marathon

For the countless forgotten children living, homeless, on the streets of Accra and elsewhere in Ghana, exposure to danger is their daily reality—danger of hunger and malnutrition; certainty that they will be uneducated and ill-prepared to overcome the many struggles of life; the probability that they will fall prey to two-legged predators who exploit vulnerable children.Life is a struggle— Ɔbra yɛ ko, as the Akans say—is a familiar truism, a fact of life daunting even for adults living with relative privilege. But a day in the life of a child living on the streets of Accra is harrowing: in inclement weather, they cower; with no assurance of adequate, nutritious food, their physical and mental growth is stunted; with little or no education, their development and future prospects are diminished; with scant protection from life’s many assaults, many perish.Without intervention from caring communities, chances are these children will continue living in danger. One such caring community resource is Chance for Children (CFC), a local charity dedicated to ensuring that, in the words of co-founder Amon Kotey, “Accra’s street children experience love and security” and receive sound educational and vocational training.Every month, CFC supports hundreds of these at-risk kids in many ways. There is the drop-in center, where non-residential kids can eat, bathe, and enjoy at least temporary respite from street life. There are also secure, residential marathoners running in the rain facilities, where over 60 children are boarded under caring adult supervision and are able to complete schooling in relative safety. There are opportunities to undergo vocational training or further studies to enable these children to take control of their lives and become productive members of their communities. Where appropriate, Chance for Children also supports numerous youths in their family settings and reaches out to administer to hundreds of children on the streets.Once again, the Accra International Marathon (AIM) is AIMing to Care for our Children by supporting CFC as one of this year’s Charity Partners. Chance for Children offers at-risk street children the opportunity to be safe, loved, well fed, and better equipped to increase their chances of developing their potential and achieving happiness.The AIM Charity Partner matching funds program supports those who help themselves by matching funds raised by the Partners. Charity Champions champion the cause in various ways. This year, you can AIM to Care as a Charity Champion simply by registering a relay team or teams to participate in AIM, scheduled for October. You will be supported to achieve your victory, and you will enjoy the accolades and celebration that is the due of every champion.
01 Jan 2015 - 01 Jan 2020

Chesapeake Bay Running Club

Membership in the Chesapeake Bay Running Club entitles you to the following benefits: Discounts on select CBRC event fees Access to a network of runners in the Southern MD area for training runs, coaching tips, carpools to area races, and even road trips and mini-vacations to farther afield races Monthly CBRC newsletter Paid entry to select area races as a CBRC team member Invitations to club socials The inside scoop on volunteer opportunities at high-profile races Membership runs calendar year and renewal is required every January. The following membership dues are paid/renewed annually: Individual Membership: $15Youth Membership: $7.50Family Membership: $25 per family     Family Membership Details: Family memberships includes all members of an immediate family living in the same household. Parents of adult members not living in the same household do not qualify as members under their offspring’s membership. Adult children, defined as being 19 years and older, do not count under family memberships unless the adult child is a full-time student (at least 12 credit hours). Once the adult child reaches the age of 22, they will not qualify under the family membership regardless if they are a full-time student.  Event details and schedule
01 Jan 2016 - 31 Dec 2019

Space City Cycling Club Membership

About our club: Space City Cycling Club was originally founded as the JSC Bicycle Club in 1979 by employees of the Johnson Space Center. It's original purpose was to promote two-wheeled transportation. By 1995, the club had expanded to include cyclists from throughout the Clear Lake area. In recognition of its more community appeal, the name was changed to the Space City Cycling Club. Our Mission: Its mission has been expanded to include promotion of cycling both as a sport and as a recreational activity for the enitre family.   Current Membership: The annual membership fee is $30 ($3.95 processing fee charged for registering online). The club has broadened its range of activities and expanded its membership to more than 500 residents of Clear Lake and surrounding towns. The Space City Cycling Club is a diverse bicycle organization. Our membership consists of various levels from the recreational rider to the category-level racer.  Members are interested in many aspects of the sport, some of which will appeal to you. Visit our blog at www.spacecitycycling.com.  Event details and scheduleCelebrating over 30 Years of Cycling Excellence!
17 Apr 2016 - 01 Jun 2021

USA Triathlon CEU Approval Application

All USAT Approved CEU courses will be evaluated using standards that take the following into consideration: Length of the course Format of the course (lecture, practical, online, etc.) USAT Certified Coach Presenters Topics being covered Because of the change in evaluation, some courses may receive a different number of CEUs than in years past. We believe enforcing this new evaluation standard will create a more consistent approval process that can be applied impartially to every application. USA Triathlon reserves the right to assign or deny a CEU value to seminars and conferences. CEU values are based upon relevancy to triathlon coaching and are assigned by USA Triathlon, not by what another organization assigns. CEUs will not be awarded to courses that are deemed to be in direct competition with existing USAT programs. Examples include webinars, symposiums, mentorship programs, and triathlon coaching certification programs among others. USAT CEU approval is valid for one calendar year. For instance, regardless of when you submit a USAT CEU Application in 2017, once your course is approved, it is approved until 12/31/17. If you would like your course approved for the following calendar year, you must go through the USAT CEU Application process again. By submitting a USAT CEU Application, you are agreeing to waive all fees for up to three USA Triathlon staff members to attend any clinic. If a USA Triathlon staff member decides to attend your clinic, you will be notified by the staff member in advance. By completing this application, you agree to only promote CEU amounts as determined by USA Triathlon staff. Failure to use the provided certificate of completion or promoting incorrect CEU amounts will result in the course no longer being approved in future years. For any USAT CEU Application questions, please contact Linda.Cleveland@usatriathlon.orgEvent details and schedule
01 Jul 2016 - 01 Jul 2019

Triathlon Australia Draft Legal Endorsement Register

Athletes wishing to obtain an ITU Youth (13-16yrs), ITU Junior (17-19yrs) or ITU U23 (20-23yrs) licence must complete the Bike Skills Endorsement Procedures.  • ITU Youth (13-16yrs) - Born in the years 2003, 2004, 2005 or 2006  • ITU Junior (17-19yrs) - Born in the years 2000, 2001 or 2002 • ITU U23 (20-23yrs) – Born in the years 1996, 1997, 1998 or 1999 ENDORSEMENT PROCEDURE The ITU YOUTH (13-16), ITU JUNIOR (17-19) and ITU U23 (20-23) endorsement procedure has two criteria: Automatic or Demonstrated.   Automatic EndorsementAny athlete who has previously held an ITU YOUTH, ITU JUNIOR or ITU U23 licence AND/OR raced in the Australian Youth or Junior Triathlon Series (DRAFT LEGAL) event will be automatically endorsed for 2017/2018 season.  NB – Athletes that have previously held an ITU Youth, ITU Junior or ITU U23 licence are NOT required to complete the online endorsement register. Demonstrated Endorsement Any athlete who has NOT previously held an ITU YOUTH, ITU JUNIOR or ITU U23 licence, AND/OR has NOT raced in 2017 Australian Youth & Junior Triathlon Series (DRAFT LEGAL) event are required to have their bike handling skills/knowledge endorsed as “competent” to hold an ITU Youth, ITU Junior or ITU U23 licence. The endorsement assessment can be conducted by either; a currently accredited Performance (or higher) triathlon coach an approved bike skills assessor in your respective STTA NB – Athletes that have competed in road/criterium cycling races and do not hold a current/previous ITU Youth, ITU Junior or ITU U23 licence must still complete the demonstrated endorsement process above. Once the endorsement registration has been completed online, the status will change from “pending” to “confirmed” and the athlete's Triathlon membership will be chnaged form their current category to the relevant ITU licence for their age.  Parents/Athletes will be notified once this is complete. Important Documents 2018 Bike Skills Endorsement Information Bike Endorsement Check List For further information about the membership/endorsement process please get in contact with your local State Triathlon Association ACT - Craig Johns: director@act.triathlon.org.auNSW - Mick Delamotte: mick.delamotte@nsw.triathlon.org.auNT - Tim Ellison: ntjuniordevelopment@gmail.comQLD - Cathy English: development@qld.triathlon.org.auSA - Garth Tierney: garth.tierney@gmail.comVIC - Sue Sharples: info@vic.triathlon.org.auTAS - Brady Butcher: admin@tas.triathlon.org.auWA - Frank Stapleton: programs@wa.triathlon.org.auEvent details and schedule
07 Aug 2016 - 18 Mar 2019

Olongapo Half Marathon

Olongapo Half Marathon 2020 will be held on February 09, 2020 at the SM City Olongapo Central. OLONGAPO HALF MARATHON 2020 is for the benefit of the chosen Indigent families and children of JCIR Events Management. We are engaged in various social cause and work for the awareness of people about different issues in health, social, religious and other pertinent matters. We also promote healthy lifestyle and living in the community.
13 August 2016

Ruenes Trail

Espectacular la carrera de Ruenes de este fin de semana, por varios motivos, recorrido muy técnico, de los que me gustan, sólo hay que mirar lo que tardé, 2h32min en 20 kilometros, para darse una idea, un pueblo volcao con la prueba, y mucha gente joven en los controles y no solo en los controles, el director de carrera Alejandro Rozalén, 19 años, impresionante vamos. Mucho futuro le veo a la carrera. La carrera fue de Domingo, pero yo junto con Fran y las familias de ambos ya estábamos desde el jueves por Sotres haciéndonos de anfitrión... la promesa del trail Adán. El jueves a última hora un poco de trote para mirar con Adán, también promesa de la ganadería en Picos, sus vacas, las cuales las tiene en la canal del Jierru. Viernes de tarde, buscando un kilómetro vertical lo más corto posible, subimos desde las vegas a las Moñas y sí que salieron los mil, pero no como queríamos ya que los últimos doscientos metros de desnivel, fueron una arista muy divertida. La bajada la hicimos por el collado Camburero, increible la nieve que hay todavía.
13 November 2016

Fort Worth Marathon

The Fort Worth Marathon is a non-profit organization that organizes an annual Marathon and other running event to raise funds for programs that promote exercise and health in the Fort Worth, Texas community and primarily in the public school systems.The course is fast and flat, beginning at Panther Island Pavilion heading South West along the Trinity Trails.Turn around in Benbrook and Ends at Panther Island Pavilion. Course is certified by the USA Track and Fieldand can be used to Qualify for the Boston Marathon.